best survival backpacks

Prepare a Survival Backpack And Be Ready for Any Emergency

A Bug Out Bag is usually a 3 day survival backpack that provides basic protection with the emergency items you need when disaster strikes. Also called by other interesting names — Grab Bag, Get Out of Dodge Bag, Survival Bag, BoB, and 72 Hour Bag — the concept can focus around either quick evacuation or […]

Sports Backpack Brands

Best Sports Backpack Brands for Special Equipment and Grungy Gear Workouts

These additional sports backpack styles and brands provide plenty of stylish and functional options for today’s active youth and sports-crazed adults who demand high quality gear for their outdoor action. With so many backpacks to choose from, it’s important to get the right features and understand how well the company knows what you require. Look […]

Vera Bradley Backpack, Bags and Totes: Feminine and Functional Style

The Vera Bradley backpack was originally created for one simple reason – to satisfy the female traveler’s desire for delightfully feminine bags and luggage. Back in 1982, owners Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller noticed the dull and somewhat masculine appearance of travel bags. They set out to design eye catching, yet functional and […]

motorcycle backpack

How to Select Best backpack for Motorcycle Commuting

Along with the awesome benefits that a motorcycle backpack delivers, you will appreciate all the supercharged features if you commute to work or school on a motorcycle . Their aerodynamic shape reduces wind resistance decreasing the tug on your shoulders for a smoother ride. While standard backpacks are built for walking, bike backpacks are designed […]

Best Hunting Backpacks

How To Select Best Hunting Backpacks

Successful hunts start with good gear and good luck. Proper hunting backpacks take care of the former, only excellent preparation, local expertise and the right conditions can bring the latter. Tackling the wilderness means your gear must withstand all the elements, from cold and wet habitats to long days in the sun. The right pack […]