Tips for Buying Mesh Backpacks: For School, Security and Outdoor Fun

Mesh backpacks are more versatile and useful than you think.

First, mesh packs are acceptable by most schools to use as a see-through bag to adhere to requirements for safety measures to prevent concealment of illegal drugs, guns or other non-desirable items.

These lightweight and well constructed backpacks come in handy on family outings to the beach or pool, where wet towels and swim suits can air out and not soil your car seats or get other things damp.

Active kids and adults can store gear for soccer or cheerleading practice and makes it easy to see if you’ve forgotten anything. And for all you workout addicts going to the gym, mesh packs provide a good option for small locker spaces.

Mesh backpacks are easy to clean too. After camping with the kids or dirty sports activities, just hose down or wash the pack after bringing back muddy shoes or smelly clothes.

Breathable mesh packs help to air dry your contents and can be cooler to wear, especially compared to traditional packs that swelter and stink up the insides.

Mesh Backpacks: Factors For Selection

School Backpack Policy – Problems with students bringing weapons and illicit drugs into the classroom pushed many school districts to impose the use of see-through backpacks for better overall safety. The two main options are clear backpacks and mesh packs. Check the school policy before you decide to buy. And remember that kids may prefer mesh packs over kiddie clear packs.

Lightweight Construction – Compared to nylon and canvas backpacks, mesh bags are much lighter with less load weight capacity. Keep the load light without the normal heavy book load of regular packs to avoid more stress on young backs and to avoid strain on pack construction.

Durability Concerns – Cheaper models may tear or snag and be less durable than higher priced models that usually have better construction. Without padding or liners, mesh packs do tend to wear out faster than traditional packs. Even cheap mesh packs can be value for money, depending on how rough you use them or if you reuse an old pack for outdoor activities.

Exposed Contents – Putting your books, personal items and papers in a see-through pack means everyone can see what you’re carrying. Try to keep expensive items like cell phones and MP3 players out of sight and remember that all your contents are exposed to the weather too. A rainy day will soak up your homework assignment and even sunny days may spoil a packed lunch.

Mesh Backpacks: Tips For Buyer Satisfaction

Added Protection – Some inventive parents add padding to the bottom and sides to prevent annoying snags that tend to tear a mesh pack as metal spiral notebook rings catch easy on the material. Another method is to use small, clear pack cubes in which to place pencils, papers and other loose items. This option keeps your contents visible and protects the pack.

Inspection – Mesh packs need to be inspected more often than regular backpacks. Check each month for signs, such as small cracks or broken sections, that may break down the material or cause gaps that lead to bigger holes later. A little maintenance can keep you pack in good condition to last throughout the school year.

Easy Cleaning – Without any interior linings or covered pack material, mesh bags are very easy to keep clean. This makes them fairly kid proof against nasty stains or stinky packs from left over food items and smelly gym clothes. Many parents even put a mesh bag in the washing machine, but agitating the material may cause breakage faster. Just soak it the sink and use a wash cloth or take it outside and hose it down.

Recycle Use – Even an old, worn out mesh school bag can be reused as a grab bag for taking soft items to the beach or for carrying towels to the swimming pool. A damaged pack can still manage to handle extra clothes for your next yoga class or for keeping sports gear handy.

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