Tips for Buying The Best Toddler Backpacks: Safe and Fun Packs for First Timers

Not only a bit of fun as a fashion accessory, toddler backpacks serve to reinforce a sense of independence in young kids that arrives around age three and actually keeps some of their favorite toys, games or books in one easy to find place.

Why not let the smaller kids take along their own pack to the next picnic or pool outing, just like all the big brothers and sisters.

Or how about on those long drives to see grandpa and grandma when attention seeking toddlers need something to play with? Just load up the kiddie pack with a few play items and avoid the extra pit stop to unpack a stuffed toy stuffed deep in a suitcase in the trunk.

Guess what happens when you add a little surprise chocolate bar or yummy drink to a toddlers backpack? You’ll never see him or her go anywhere without wearing it as ownership kicks in.

Besides the advantage of feeling a bit more grown up, toddler backpacks stocked with treasure make the daily trip to daycare or any routine trip to buy groceries more bearable for the both of you.

Toddler Backpacks: Factors For Selection

Small Size – A proper toddler backpack is as compact as the kid wearing it. Never buy an oversized bag with the thought that the child can grow into it in a year. At this stage, a pack is all about fun and fashion over being a heavy burden for growing bodies. Keep the material light and the pack snug for running around the house or playground all day.

Easy To Clean – First think about spilt juice, gooey candy, chocolate stains and playground dirt. Next, try to find a vinyl or other fabric that makes it a snap to swipe clean your child’s favorite pack before he knows it’s missing. Inner pack linings help to minimize the grunge factor and a water resistant coating aids in repelling liquids.

Fashion Vision – Be savvy enough to know that the next animated movie your child watches may sway his mind to want the latest robot, cartoon or Disney character backpacks. Buying a trendy or popular pack each time can start to add up, so search for perennial characters like Spiderman or Batman or seek out a bag with no attachment to cartoons or TV shows. Choosing a general type of pack can be used for as long as the child likes it and you can even personalize some of them to really make it special and stand out.

Multi-Use Options – The actual uses for a toddler backpack are probably more than you think. Besides keeping track of the regular toys at home, many moms and dads use the spare pack for diapers or sunscreen on trips outdoors. And taking a few familiar objects to kindergarten may ease the transition to a different dwelling. And trips to the doctor or hospital may not seem so scary with a backpack full of favorite fun things.

Small Parts – Most toddler backpack companies are safety conscious enough to avoid making them without small, removable parts. However, always check the age rating on any pack purchased and remember that your child may play around with even younger kids that are prone to swallowing buttons or loose material. And check the pack after wear and tear to ensure everything is intact.

Toddler Backpacks: Tips For Buyer Satisfaction

Play Friendly Factor – A child’s first backpack usually instils pride and joy. That means they’ll wear it to the playground where the regular routine is to slide and swing and tumble. Make sure the pack is not too heavy and not too long to play without carrying becoming a nuisance. Check for long and loose straps that can catch on jungle gym equipment and possibly cause an injury.

Weariness Factor – Buying an appropriate sized pack ensures that your child doesn’t get overloaded with too many toys or books and become tired from wearing it for only a few hours. If your child’s room is too clean, that means every toy she owns is stuffed inside her new pack. Also watch for clumsiness and awkward falls that come from a heavy, unbalanced load and limit the backpack to a few essentials.

Pocket Access – Keep the pack practical with easy access pockets that don’t require assistance and that store items like crayons and pencils in logical places. A water bottle pocket is a nice option, so check the size and snap tension so little fingers can remove and replace a drink with ease. Check for easy to pull zippers that should be strong and durable and test the Velcro straps for firmness and good stick.

Rolling Backpacks – Some parents prefer to avoid putting weight on a young child’s back and opt for rolling toddler backpacks that combine easy pull handles and take all the pressure off. Just check that the retractable handle slides without pinching little fingers and that the wheels roll without drag for a steady and sturdy ride.

Toddler Backpacks: Popular Brands and Models

Toddler Backpacks LL Bean Jr. Original Book Pack – A smaller version of the popular Original Book Pack, this pack is designed for little kids who want what big kids have. Made with time-tested construction and shoulder straps built for smaller bodies, there are plenty of colors for fun and wide reflective strips for safety.
Toddler Backpacks Zebra Crossing Club Backpacks – For a rolling toddler backpack, Zebra Crossing Club makes hand stitched plush toys that can detach from the pack so your child can play with a furry friend like Safari Buddies. Each plush toy has a secret pocket and the packs are lined with bright and colorful fabrics. Safety locks for the trolley frame allow for easy pushing and pulling. And each plush toy is machine washable.
Toddler Backpacks Stephen Joseph Backpacks – Perfect for preschoolers and made with a colorful blend of quilted materials, the soft and lovable designs of Stephen Joseph backpacks are hard to miss. Parents like the washable fabric that holds color and the option to add your kid’s monogram. Choose among colorful patterns with butterfly and Go Go Monkey themes, mermaids and princesses and Go Go Sports and GoGo airplanes to satisfy any child’s interest.
Toddler Backpack Four Peas Backpacks – Started by a mother searching for bags for her kids, Four Peas packs now provides a sense of style and quality for unique “toddler chic” looks that stand out in the marketplace for a fresh alternative for parents to consider.
Toddler Backpacks Dante Beatrix Backpacks – Combing strong colors with bold animal and graphic designs for unique looking bags, Dante Beatrix has packs for 2 to 5 year olds with enough storage space for a busy day. Made from durable nylon and laminated canvas for easier cleaning, the roomy interior also contains a small zipped pocket.
Toddler Backpacks Lucky Bums Backpacks – For pint-sized totes made for toddlers to carry only a few prized possessions, Lucky Bums are also made for fun and convenience for girls and moms to use as a small handbag .
Toddler Backpacks Little Packrats Backpacks – Specializing in tote bags and square style backpacks for kids, Little Packrats makes cool looking and interesting animal motifs packs with their own character that should delight little ones and animal lovers alike.

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