Prepare a Survival Backpack And Be Ready for Any Emergency

A Bug Out Bag is usually a 3 day survival backpack that provides basic protection with the emergency items you need when disaster strikes.

Also called by other interesting names — Grab Bag, Get Out of Dodge Bag, Survival Bag, BoB, and 72 Hour Bag — the concept can focus around either quick evacuation or long term survival.

A variety of survival bags are available on the market from off the shelf preparedness kits to specialized bags that you pack yourself from scratch based on your unique needs.

When choosing a Bug Out pack consider the types of emergency situations that you may face, as preparing for a hurricane requires different supplies than those needed for a wildfire.

Popular among the survivalist subculture, many also use a bug out bag for wilderness exercises and adventures. The term Bug Out Bag may have been inspired by emergency kits used by the military such as the Air Force’s bail out bag .In any case you should always carry the basics such as water, non-perishable food, a first aid kit, flashlight, radio, multipurpose tool, emergency blanket, extra batteries and protected copies of personal documents.

A larger pack is needed to carry additional gear such as clothing, shelter, bedding, cooking utensils and other camping supplies. Whether you’re searching for a Bug Out Bag for an emergency situation or long term survival and adventure, you’ll discover a vast range of options to consider so you’ll be prepared and ready to endure any unforeseen circumstance.

Bug Out Bag Bag & Survival Backpack Selections

Quakehold! Grab-n-Go Emergency Kit

Get through any emergency with a Quakehold! Grab-n-Go kit and be ready to protect your family when a disaster strikes.
Quakehold! Grab-‘n-Go Emergency Kit

The very basics you ‘ll need to support two people for three days is assembled into this handy Bug Out pack, including food, water , emergency blankets, a 33 piece first aid kit and more.

Although not a complete emergency bag, user’s state there is extra room for a flashlight, multipurpose tool and small radio, which are additional essentials recommended by the American Red Cross.

People, who purchase this bag like the convenience of not having to shop around, gather and pack all the items they need in preparation for an emergency situation.

The Quakehold is a handy bug out bag containing most of your required essentials and stores conveniently in a car, home or office for emergencies.


Survivor Emergency Kit-4 Person Disaster Survival Kit

The Survivor Bug Out pack is a jump to the next level. Users are certainly impressed with all the thought that went into stocking it.

From reflective emergency sleeping bags to tooth brushes this pack kit contains everything needed for 4 people in the event of a 3 day emergency.

Purchasers also claim it has some extra room to customize with their own items, good since everyone has a few unique things to add.

Some disappointment resulted from what is advertised as an “extensive” first aid kit, but the pack may not contain all the items each person feels is necessary.

And although the price seems a little steep, the convenience of a handy survival pack is most valued.

A practical and complete Bug Out Bag kit for a family of four who wants to be better prepared for a short term emergency event.

SOC Gear Bug Out Bag

Sandpiper of California has been providing bags to the military and law enforcement for 30 years, so you know they’re tough and tested.

The SOC Gear Bug Out pack is built for active lifestyles and survivalist adventure.

Use it as a travel bag, or unzip the back to access the padded straps and waistband to transport as a backpack. The expandable pack has four compartments to hold loads of gear plus an attachment for a sleeping bag or matt.

The main compartment has straps to hold your clothes securely and a separate section offers several zippered pockets for smaller items such as a flashlight, a multipurpose tool and emergency radio.

You can neatly store your personal and travel documents in the third compartment’s organizer. And place the things you need to access quickly in a fourth compartment outside pocket.

On the downside, some complain that the bag is just too heavy, which may be due to the internal frame that carries a load.

And if you plan on storing this pack in an airplane overhead compartment, be careful not to overstuff, otherwise it may not fit as advertised.

A rugged, versatile and organized pack that’s large enough to hold all your gear for travel or a long survivalist adventure.

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