Tips for Selecting a Soccer Backpack: Score a Winner for Your Star

Looking for a soccer backpack to carry your gear? Whether you’re a soccer mom or a soccer star, there are plenty of specialized packs made for the sport.

The biggest hassle for soccer players is carrying your kit without losing gear or messing up the entire pack.

A good soccer pack combines separate spaces for your dirty boots and a collapsable net pocket that expands to hold a soccer ball in place.

Check out the selection of favorite soccer backpack brands like Adidas, Nike, Diadora and Puma, or get your favorite team colors to show some team spirit, whether your team is in the local soccer league or qualifying for the next World Cup.

A soccer backpack also doubles up as a school or gym bag, since most are made with quality materials to endure an active lifestyle.

Soccer Backpack Features

Innovative design – This type of backpacks scores a lot of points when it comes to innovations. They have big compartments located at strategic points for bulky balls and gear. Special boot compartments keep your smelly shoes away from the main contents. And some packs include cold drink pockets and other cool designs.

Comfort – Soccer backpacks are also among the most comfortable to carry around with you. Designed with the athlete in mind, these backpacks generally have padded back panels to provide back support. They also have double paddles so as to relax the shoulders from carrying the weight of the bag and its content.

Reliability – Most soccer packs in the market today are capable of carrying medium to heavy loads. The materials used for these backpacks are durable and strong enough to withstand certain harsh weather conditions. There are also backpacks made of waterproof materials to protect its content. This is the reason why this type has been the choice, not only of athletes, but also of practical individuals.

Team spirit – People love shout outs. Using a soccer backpack of your favorite team is just one way to to show you’re a fan. Many soccer teams have memorabilia and apparels that would make any fan scream with excitement and loyalty to help get your team to the championship.

Practicality – Soccer packs are practical to carry with you even if you’re out on a road trip, at school, need a dedicated gym bag or just want to spending a few days outdoors. Just remember that quality counts, so don’t go cheap for the long haul.

Soccer Backpack Selections

Adidas Backpacks Adidas Backpacks – One of the sporting industry’s leaders, Adidas backpacks provide a good range of soccer packs, like the Adidas Copa or Adidas Velocity , with special features. These bags are loaded with pockets for wet uniforms, dirty shoes, dirty towels and anything else you need for an active day. Some models are made with an anti-microbial lining to keep things fresh and a zip-out mesh pouch holds the ball.
Nike Backpack Nike Team Backpacks – If you’re ready to hit the soccer field, then the Nike Team has a few options for hauling your athletic gear around for a full day of action outside. This Nike bag is huge enough to carry a basketball too.
Diadora Backpacks Diadora Team Backpacks – These colorful and functional team bags keep your gear ready for practice and game day. Designed for active athletes, the Diadora Team pack comes with a front vented ball pocket and side vented shoe holders. A lightweight equipment bag with front straps to attach a jacket for anyone on the go.
Puma Backpack Puma Cellerator Team Backpack – Recognized as one of the leading sports brands in the world, Puma provides excellent quality gear for a wide range of sporting activities. The Puma Cellerator combines big pocket compartments with webbing loops for alternative carrying options and a large net pocket for a soccer or basketball.


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