How to Select Best Sling Backpacks and Sling Bags for a One-Strap Solution

As the one-strap option to conventional backpacks, sling backpacks offer more freedom of motion and less strain from the tug of two-strapped packs loaded down with extra gear.

Sling packs combine the across-the-body stability of a backpack with the lighter load of a messenger bag to avoid the one-shouldered awkwardness and slippage of the latter.

 A key advantage of sling backpacks is how easy they are to wear since these packs are usually designed to be smaller and more compact. This prevents overloading and reduces back stress, a common problem with regular backpacks.

More suited for short travel or casual day use, sling packs are exceptionally stylish and come in all sorts of colors, materials and fun and funky looks that should satisfy most fashionistas that prefer a hands-free approach to urban journeys.

Sling Backpacks and Bags: Factors For Selection

One Shoulder Carry – Are your shoulders suffering from the temptation to stuff a two-strap backpack to the max? Join the one-shoulder revolution and spare the other one from the pain. Most sling backpacks can be worn on either the right or left and adjust to fit your torso size and length with extra strap padding for shoulder comfort.

Casual Style – With slim and trim designs that hug your body, sling backpacks present a more relaxed attitude when making your way across the campus, going to yoga class or doing some shopping. Sling bags are lightweight alternatives with most of the same functionality of a double-strap backpack.

Smaller Capacity – Do not expect to carry the same kind or amount of gear in a sling pack. Although larger slings are available, the benefits of a more compact design keep the contents to a minimum so that you only carry around the essentials for the day. Narrower pack construction also means that you won’t be able to take everything for the office or school. But that’s the reason your back and shoulders feel good.

Easy Access – Wearing a single strap that sticks close to your torso makes it easy to swing around and access the contents without having to take it off or put it on the ground. This is also a great advantage when riding buses or trains or when walking in urban crowds where space is tight. Swapping the pack from back to front is done in a snap to protect your belongings too.

Fashionable Choices – Forget the handbag and free up your hands. Many sling bag lovers prefer the easy to move convenience of wearing a purse. You can still be stylish and hip and not lose your sense of fashion with plenty of fun color and pattern choices, not to mention slick leather, rugged canvas or eco-friendly materials too.

Sling Backpacks and Bags: Tips For Buyer Satisfaction

Strap Check – With all your important gear hanging from one shoulder, be sure that the strap meets the best standards for comfort, strength and durability. Some sling pack straps separate with velcro so that you don’t have to lift the bag over your head, these can come apart with too much weight or after wear and tear.

Quality Control – Not all sling bags are made with the same quality. Check the strap padding and adjustability for comfortable fit as well as a tighter fit for cycling or running action. Extra stitching and reinforced corners are two key features to look for in a well-built pack that has to handle the stress load of a one-strap model.

Laptop Limitations – Sling backpacks are not the best option for carrying a full screen laptop. The slim down design and single-strap construction may not be adequate to handle the load or protect your expensive electronic gear. If you really must take along a computer, then the smaller and lighter the better, without all the extra cords and gizmos too. Or choose a specialized sling laptop bag brand to avoid disappointment.

Top Heavy Users – The single-strap design can play havoc with bigger breasted women. The bulk of the weight may rest on your chest for an uncomfortable fit. Getting a longer style strap allows you to adjust the placement and keeps the strap from being too tight under your arms.

Sling Backpacks and Bags: Popular Brands and Models

Sling Backpack Adidas Copa Sling – A great bag for the sports enthusiast, the Copa Sling packs plenty of soccer or gym gear with a special carry pouch for a ball or wet clothes. A fuller sized pack that caters to hauling extra shoes, clothes and equipment, it is perfect for school or as a workout bag.
Sling Backpack Victorinox-Swiss Army Findelen – A brand notable for its quality and durabilty, the Victorinox Findelen functions as a purse alternative that suits a casual dress look and even petite sizes. A simple and stylish design in a variety of earthy colors with good organization for daily essentials. mpact ability.
Sling Backpacks Baggallini Hugger – A simple teardrop and trim design provides stylish looks in a variety of colors to provide a lightweight pack with smart organization. The body hugging form makes the Baggallini Hugger comfortable to wear either on the front or back and the crinkle nylon fabric is water resistant.
Sling Backpack JanSport Air Cisco Metro – Made with your comfort in mind, theAir Cisco Metro combines contour hugging padding to reduce carrying stress with quick access to your media player and valuable items and an angled organizer pocket. Users enjoy the pack’s flexibility and capacity that handles anything from everyday use to foreign travel.
Sling Backpack Ful Brickhouse – A versatile bag that swivels to either the right or left shoulder, the Ful Brickhouse features a padded pocket for small laptops and an adjustable main strap to secure for bike rides. There are plenty of colorful choices for the fashion conscious, but be weary of durability concerns if hauling a computer every day.
Sling Backpack Thule Crossover – A smart and sleek commuter style bag made with the same quality expected from Thule, the Thule Crossover is a medium-sized pack that features an over-sized strap and water resistant fabric in a lightweight bag with room for smaller laptop models. A good choice for everyday urban use.

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