How To Pack A Suitcase: Learn a Few Tips From the Experts

Whether you’re a world traveler or a neophyte, knowing how to pack a suitcase correctly will save you space and trouble. What you put inside your suitcase and how you place them all play a vital role in traveling light.

Too many people end up hauling luggage that is too big to handle and full of unnecessary items just because they haven’t given much thought to what is essential when packing a suitcase.

Tips on How to Pack a Suitcase

Plan Ahead – Going on a business trip or vacation? Don’t wait until the day before you start preparing to pack your suitcase. Pack a week or so before and make a list of all the things you need to bring with you so you won’t forget anything important. Go over your list and tick off any unnecessary items, so that the size of your luggage matches both your travel and comfort needs.

Learn to Fold – Pack a suitcase effectively starts with how you fold your clothes. There are a few tricks to learn on how to fold shirts and pants into the middle to form a cavity with support. Taking the time to fold and place clothes in order helps prevent wrinkling.

Organize the Insides – A general rule of thumb on how to pack a suitcase is to always think about the load and where to place the heavy or bulky items. Wrap shoes up and lay flat on the bottom or the sides. Keep your heavy toiletry bag near one end, especially if your travel bag rolls. For carry-ons, place toiletries in an easy to open plastic bag to avoid messy spills.

Use Specialty Containers – Be prepared for all the hassles of travel restrictions by using refillable containers for liquids and packing cubes to keep clothes and other items in safe shape. Allowable container sizes are quite small for carry-ons, so be sure to undersize rather than over do it. Don’t rely on bulky and breakable bottles that only cause problems.

Get Organized and Keep Clothes Neat

Do you use packing cubes? When you reach your destination after a long and tiresome trip, the last thing you want to do is open your luggage or travel pack to a frightful mess.

To keep your things neat and tidy, these simple storage cubes provide a place for everything and keep everything in its place, making your travel less frustrating and in order.

Apart from just organizing your belongings, they also save much needed space by helping you pack efficiently. And if you fly frequently, bag inspection proceeds smoother and quicker with see through mesh cubes, eliminating the need for security and customs to rummage through a pile of stuff.

Manufacturers offer storage cubes in a variety of sizes to fit most any bag from backpacks and duffels to suitcases.

If you haven’t used cubes before, you’ll find them the perfect solution to simplify your travel experience.

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