How to Select Best backpack for Motorcycle Commuting

Along with the awesome benefits that a motorcycle backpack delivers, you will appreciate all the supercharged features if you commute to work or school on a motorcycle .

Their aerodynamic shape reduces wind resistance decreasing the tug on your shoulders for a smoother ride. While standard backpacks are built for walking, bike backpacks are designed to keep your gear balanced and steady when in a sitting position.

Motorcycle packs offer a specialized strap design that typically crosses the chest and waist for extra stability. The straps also are built to be stronger and more secure, because the last thing you want is one to break when speeding down the highway. And you won’t be distracted with fluttering straps, or zippers for that matter.

In many cases, these packs are also more practical for transporting your gear than small tanks, which can’t store a laptop, and saddle bags that are difficult to dismount and carry. However, it’s important to note that motorcycle packs are best suited for shorter commutes.

If you plan on taking a long trip by bike, a tank or saddle bags are more appropriate as the weight of a backpack over long distances may be too heavy to bear.

When searching for a riding pack that’s perfect for you, you’ll discover a variety of additional features available from reflective materials for high visibility to built-in compartments for your helmet. When you consider all the benefits, it’s worth investing in a backpack specially designed for use with a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Backpack Selections

Boblbee Megalopolis Executive Hard Shell

A street tough motorcycle backpack made of a monocoque ABS hard shell, which is similar to the material of helmets. Users call its appearance “unique and cool”.
Boblbee Megalopolis

It is TUV-Certified as back protection for motorcycle riders, while also providing impact resistance for delicate gear such as electronic notebooks and cameras. Purchasers also like the comfort and lumbar support offered by the unique S-design and ergonomic bucket seat harness.

On the downside purchasers state that the hard shell and tapering design limits internal carrying space, so some buy extra accessories that attach to the bag’s cargo straps to increase capacity and usefulness.

Although they love the appearance of the pack, a few complain that the hard shell scratches easily requiring extra care when handling.

One of a kind in appearance, this motorcycle backpack is well suited for commuters who travel with their laptop and other electronic devices and also desire the extra protection a hard shell provides.

Ogio No Drag Backpack

Built for speed the Ogio motorcycle backpack sports a streamlined and contoured surface that cuts down the drag.
Ogio No Drag Pack

The bag fits most 15 inch laptops with a drop in, padded laptop sleeve and contains several other large and small compartments for an iPod, ID, books and even shoes.

The compression strap system, along with a sternum and waist band helps to secure the bag and reduce shifting, while adjustable for a very comfortable fit.

In regards to design, the pack covers most of the back, which can cause it to touch the helmet on those with a shorter torso. Some also feel it’s a little pricey for the value they receive.

The Ogio No Drag is a comfortable and high quality motorcycle backpack, with a sleek and contoured design that reduces wind disturbance providing a smooth and balanced ride.

Alpinestars Charger Backpack

Specially designed for jaunts and commutes by bike, the Alpinestars motorcycle backpack is streamlined, yet packed with features such as a laptop sleeve, helmet carrier and internal organizer pockets.
Alpinestars Charger

Users enjoy the quick release strap, which helps them to take their backpack off easier, especially when wearing a heavy motorcycle jacket.

Two straps extend around the front of the body keeping the pack secure and preventing it from bouncing around at high speeds.

Some complain that the bag has limited storage, which isn’t all that uncommon with motorcycle backpacks, as a tradeoff exists between capacity versus comfort and balance when commuting by bike.

A well-made and durable backpack that’s comfortable to ride around with when hauling your gear.

Mobile Edge Secure Pack

The Mobile Edge Motorcycle backpack hauls your contents safely and securely when riding the rough road.
Mobile Edge SecurePack

Nothing can fall out of the bag, because it only has one opening and that’s on the back side of the pack.

When unzipped, the opening fans out 60 degrees into well-organized compartments, with a large 17 inch laptop sleeve.

Although it’s well suited for commuters, it may not be the best choice for students who need to retrieve their books and supplies frequently, because the single backside opening limits access and you have to take the pack off to retrieve your gear.

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