Tips for Laptop Backpacks: Consider Size, Security and Convenience

In the mobile world, laptop backpacks are indispensible for carrying your most important piece of equipment along with the assortment of documents and accessories needed to take your office or work anywhere at anytime.

Today there are more specialized backpacks that cater to the growing demand to provide extra protection for expensive computers with the attributes of a comfortable and well organized pack.

Some laptop bags just have a thin, inner sleeve, while others combine well-padded, well-built and easy accessible features that are primary factors for students and business travelers when choosing a laptop backpack.

It can be a daunting task to sort out all the details to find the best laptop backpack, but there are a few factors to keep in mind when determining which pack is the right choice.

Laptop Backpacks: Factors For Selection

Backpack Size – Getting the right size backpack for your computer is the most critical factor. A laptop that just squeezes in or stretches the pack out to expose your electronic equipment to constant bangs and bumps only causes problems, not a solution to carrying your computer. If the bag is too big, then your laptop may be vulnerable to hard shifting and damaging whacks if there are no velcro straps to tie it down or only a thin sleeve for protection.

Backpack Weight – Added protection for a laptop can also add weight to the pack depending on the materials used. While lighter backpacks may only be made for the smallest laptops. Be aware of brands that cater to computer users and provide better features for security and comfort and determine if weight is a real concern.

Backpack Capacity – Carrying a laptop means you have to bring along lots of extra gear like power cords and cables, DVDs and CDs, and a mouse besides the normal office or school supplies that fill up most of the space. First make sure your laptop backpack has plenty of storage space but not too much that it loads you down. Extra features and pockets usually add weight and cost, so determine what you really need and find the right capacity to handle your load.

Laptop Security – Take extra care to check out the amount of padding available in a laptop backpack. The better models offer a thick, rubberized bottom to prevent drop damage and cushioned pocket walls for full protection. Some models include a zippered pocket for a snug fit or a hard outer shell for an added layer of protection.

Backpack Comfort – Laptops can add extra strain on your neck or spinal cord, so search for ergononically designed models that limit injuries and include features that ease the overall load. Not every body size is standard, there are good backpack models that also cater to women features and those with problem-fitting sizes.

Laptop Backpacks: Tips For Buying Satisfaction

Measure Your Laptop – Don’t just depend on manufacturer or reviewer guidelines for either 15″ or 17″ screen computers, always measure your own machine because even a half-inch may be the difference between perfect or a pinch. Then compare your computer measurements to both the backpack external dimensions and the internal laptop sleeve or pocket dimensions that may be padded.

Weigh Your Load – Be sure to check the empty backpack weight first and then weigh your laptop and a day’s worth of books, documents and binders to be able to compare several backpack models for overall weight, comfort and features. This allows you to zone in on what matters most to you and ensure your load is not too heavy.

Brand Identity Theft – Unfortunately, some backpack brands are so good that they attract too much attention and alert thieves to your high quality computer goods inside. Some consumers prefer lesser known brands with good padding and less flashy advertising to avoid detection.

Easy Checkpoint Removal – For business travelers and tourists, the endless lines at airports and border crossings become a nuisance when trying to get through a checkpoint when carrying a laptop. Many models provide quick zip access from a separate pocket that slides out a computer without having to dig into your pack contents.

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