How to Buy Quality Leather Backpacks and Leather Purses

Take a fashion plunge with elegant leather backpacks that stand out among the canvas and nylon bag crowd as well as adding a professional flair to your appearance.

Today leather is not limited to just the basic colors of brown and black, there are plenty of fancy colors to choose from that will match anything from serious business to flirty fun.

Search the quality contemporary leather models from LeDonne, Clava, Derek Alexander, David King, Baggalini, McKlein and, if you prefer something older in style, try Solo Vintage.

For women, leather backpacks make great purses that carry all your daily essentials and allow you to keep both hands free. For business professionals, a smart leather pack is a nice alternative to a cumbersome briefcase that limits your mobility options.

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing a leather backpack to ensure that you’re getting the right leather bag for function, features and price.

Whether you want to upgrade your backpack for a more polished appearance or you prefer the durability and simple designs of a luxurious accessory, the switch to leather will last a long, long time.

Leather Backpacks: Factors For Selection

Leather Quality – Pay attention to the kind of leather used in making the backpack. Leathers are graded into several categories, the best being the ‘top grain’ from the outer surface of the hide. Split grain leather is weaker and from the lower surface, while others are soaked in dye to soften or pigmented to add color to lesser quality leather material.

Price Factor – Good quality leather relates to higher prices. Most leather backpacks will be more expensive than similar models made from canvas or cordura, so be prepared to invest in a quality bag with dashing style that should last for a decade or more. Choose the highest quality leather for your professional bag and then go cheaper for those colorful leather fashion choices.

Durability Factor – One of the main advantages of a buying a leather pack is the durable quality of thick material made from cowhide, sheepskin or other leathers. The long wearing ability ensures that your favorite bag remains naturally appealing for many years to come. So think about longevity when considering your price range and remember that quality lasts.

Function Factor – First determine the function of your leather bag before deciding on the right size or style. A smaller backpack purse just carries your daily items or complements a fashionable outfit, while a larger pack hauls books, a laptop and more office or school supplies. Whatever your choice, be sure it functions with the right features including top handles, organization pockets and proper padding for electronic gear.

Fashionable Appearance – Leather never goes out of fashion because of its soft, classic and elegant character. Today the choices range from simple, clean designs in earthy tones to flashy colors that accentuate your personality. Choose your own fashion statement with the prestige of quality leather products and the fun stylish look of drawstring and backpack purses.

Leather Backpacks: Tips For Buyer Satisfaction

Long Life Leather – More expensive leather products blend style with durability to provide a fashionable pack that others should envy for many years. Choose top grains and the best leather available in your price range to maintain a natural and soft look and feel that keeps you satisfied too.

Access and Closure – With thicker material, leather bags tend to be a bit more clumsy to access and open as compared to other backpacks. Check out the designs for drawstring or large top opening styles and test how easy or hard it is to close a flap or tighten a long cord. Some designs use a button style closure or a magnetic strip that might be preferable. And consider the weather too, especially if there are no zippers to enclose your contents.

More Weight – Do not forget that leather is thick and heavy. Even an empty leather pack weighs a few pounds more than your conventional canvas or nylon bag, so remember to consider the added weight. Leather purses keep the weight on your limbs, while a backpack purse or pack distributes the weight much better for comfortable wear.

Strap Comfort – Sometimes fashion and function do not mix. Wide and well padded straps to hold heavier leather materials and pack contents might be bypassed by designers to avoid losing style points or adding extra costs. Determine the real function first and then focus on having all the right features.

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