How To Select Best Drawstring Backpack Casual Packs For Easy Going

For a less expensive and lightweight option, try using a drawstring backpack as an alternative to carrying a heavy school backpack or regular pack when the load is light enough.

Sometimes you only need to carry a few items, a book, or a change of clothes to your gym workout. For occasions when you can go lighter without any strain on your back, a drawstring backpack makes a perfect companion for short trips.

These colorful and handy bags perform well for taking sports gear to practice or a few personal items to the local market or park. Or kids can haul around a favorite toy or video game while riding a bike without a bulky bag to get in the way.

With simple, top opening access and a drawstring pull for closure, these backpacks are extremely easy to wear and use, especially since there are no zippers to jam up and stick.

There are dozens of drawsting pack brands, types and styles to choose from, with prices usually matching higher quality materials and construction at the upper price.

Drawstring Backpack: Factors For Selection

Key Advantages – Besides being very easy to use with top end access and string-pull closure, drawstring backpacks are great for quick transport of a few items to work, play or just on daily activities. Not large or strong enough to carry heavy loads, these lightweight packs are very kid friendly. And without padded straps or other features found on regular packs, these handy bags are relatively inexpensive with unending uses for any family member.

Fabric Options – Most drawstring packs are made from nylon and polyester that provide lighter weight with modest durability. Gym bags and sports bags made from nylon help to keep moisture from soaking through and dirty shoes from spoiling a pack. Other pack fabric options include cotton and mesh and there are some fashionable leather backpacks with drawstring style openings.

Versatile Use – Exceptional for lightweight storage, there are endless uses for drawstring packs as an accessory bag, shoe bag, diaper bag, beach bag that can hold a limited number of items. No need to take a heavy school backpack or hiking daypack to a soccer game, cheerleading practice or to the shopping mall, just stuff a change of clothes or some gear in a drawstring bag and get going.

Price Range – Drawstring packs are very simple bags without any extra padding or technical features that add cost. Many brands offer packs for under five dollars each. Better constructed packs with tougher materials and design features, including sports team logos and outer mesh pockets, cost around twenty dollars.

Drawstring Backpack: Tips For Buyer Satisfaction

Promotional Use – A cheap option for using as promotional gifts at conventions or sporting events, drawstring packs are easy to order with company logos are personalized designs to offer to clients as giveaway items. School or civic group fundraising efforts can utilize these bags to show appreciation to donors or raise attention as prizes packed with goodies.

Color Splash – Drawstring packs come in a rainbow of colors that add some sparkle to your everyday bag with hot pinks, forest greens, deep purples and red-hot reds among the array of hues to choose from. Sports fanatics can find their favorite team colors to fly and even color combos are available to mix and match with uniforms or outfits.

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